Beatriz Cabur

Beatriz Cabur is a proven leader of international cultural organisations known for strategic and focussed approach with extensive accolades for creating lean teams and establishing successful growth strategies. Known for providing best-in-class cross-cultural relationship management and team leadership training in a variety of business settings.

Multi-faceted, efficient, and reliable theatre professional with 18+ years of experience in the theatre industry. A versatile theatre director fuses a background in playwriting and dramaturgy with expertise in innovative digital technologies and telepresence.

She has written and/or directed over 35 plays which have been produced in 6 countries: Spain, Mexico, Italy, Austria, the UK and the USA.

* Founder of The Theatre Times.

* Founder of Liga de las Mujeres Profesionales del Teatro.

* Member of the international network for working playwrights, The Fence.

* Member of Women in the Arts and Media Coalition.

* International Member of League of Professional Theatre Women.


* President of Liga de las Mujeres Profesionales del Teatro.

* Executive Director of The Theatre Times.

* Head of the Hispanic Languages Committee of EURODRAM.

* Founder and Executive Director of New International Theatre Experience (NITEcorp & NITEcic).

* European Managing Director of 365 Women A Year.


* Graduated in Playwriting and Theatre Directing from the RESAD, Madrid, Spain.

* Master of Advanced Studies in Audiovisual Communications from the UCM, Madrid, Spain.

If you want to know a bit more about my career and my experience, or simply say hi, please get in touch! I would love to hear from you.

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