Workshops and Open Educational Resources

This page host links to the content of Workshops and Open Educational Resources created or gathered by Beatriz Cabur.

They are teaching and learning materials about different subjects within the field of Digital Theatre. They have been compiled and shared to be used by teachers, students, researchers, theatre professionals, theatre amateurs…

You have no-cost access, can re-use, re-purpose, adapt and redistribute them.

Digital Theatre Production

Staging a theatre play online involves unique considerations compared to traditional stage productions. By carefully considering these areas, you can enhance the overall experience of staging a theatre play online and ensure a successful virtual performance.

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Digital Theatre Workshop

If you want to learn How to make Digital Theatre, find here the resources shared by Beatriz Cabur during her Digital Theatre Workshop. She has taught this workshop onsite at Birkbeck, University of London, at the Royal School of Dramatic Arts in Madrid, and several times online for audiences and students anywhere in the world.

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Digital Theatre Artivism Workshop

Digital Theatre Artivism is a live performance that integrates various digital elements, such as virtual environments, multimedia content, live streaming, interactive elements, and digital storytelling techniques, into a theatrical context to effectively create the change we want to see in the world.

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Digital Theatre Generative Card Game

This unique Digital Theatre Generative Card Game, created by Beatriz Cabur, is designed to enhance your understanding of Digital Theatre production and stimulate your creative thinking. Whether you’re a student, teacher, professional, or simply an enthusiast, this game will help you explore the endless possibilities of combining and permutating various factors in Digital Theatre shows.

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Artivismo Digital para la Generación Z

Curso para profesores sobre Artivismo Digital para GenZs. Este curso se ha impartido a profesores de secundaria en España. Navega por los recursos y utilizalos en tus aulas con libertad. También puedes ponerte en contacto con Beatriz si quieres que imparta este curso para profesores y/o alumnos en tu institución.

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My Digital Theatre Timeline

Find below a timeline of all the Digital Theatre shows I have directed from 2001 to 2024. Feel free to contact me if you would like more information on any of them. Why do I consider each one of this shows to belong under the Digital Theatre...

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