Around the World Chain Play

Mar 27, 2013

NYCWTD presented “The Around-the-Globe Chain Play” at the Lark Play Development Center on Wednesday 27 March in honour of World Theatre Day 2013. Produced by Amanda Feldman, lead coordinator of the NYCWTD Coalition, the event featured 16 playwrights from across the world, including Beatriz Cabur.

Starting and ending in NYC, a play was written as it travelled around the world making 16 international stops with playwrights. Each playwright contributed the next one to three pages of text, moving the plot forward from where the previous playwright left off.

The playwrights are Dominique Morisseau (USA), Bekah Brunstetter (USA), Van Badham (Australia), Mixkaela Villalon (Philippines), Janice Poon (Hong Kong), Abdelrahem Alawji (Lebanon), Jeton Neziraj (Kosovo), John Freedman (Russia), Ulrike Syha (Germany), Enver Husicic (Netherlands), Zainabu Jallo(Nigeria), Beatriz Cabur (Spain), Sarah Grochala (UK), Sigtryggur Magnason (Iceland), Noe Morales Munoz (Mexico) and Caridad Svich (USA).

Doug Howe directed the play at the Lark Play Development Center.

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