A Brand New Digital Theatre Play

Childbirth-19 is a new digital theatre play specifically written to be performed online. The play depicts childbirth in times of Covid-19 and tackles how the experience of pregnancy and labour is shaped by systemic trauma, as due to coronavirus, childbirth interventions and mistreatments have increased, disregarding women’s needs and rights.

Based on Real Life Experiences

Major traumas and long lasting damages have been inflicted in the name of minor risk prevention, leaving women without birth partners, not allowing home births, having midwifery led units, ultimately not giving choices to women on where and how to give birth and separating babies from their parents right after birth.

Developed with birthworkers

The play is also informed by conversations with childbirth professionals and birthworkers. By collecting the stories of women who have assisted labouring people or work in defending their rights during the COVID-19 pandemic, Childbirth-19 will reflect their experiences and amplify their voices.

You can be part of it

This form has been created for you to tell us YOUR childbirth story, we want you to feel listened, respected and valued. The stories collected here will inform a Digital Theatre Play but we will never share names or specifics about any story that is shared with us. This is a safe space.

Have your voice heard

If you would like to arrange an online meeting to share your experience further please email us here, writing “Childbirth-19 Talk” in the subject of the email.

Buy your tickets

You can already buy your tickets here. The options are VIP Experience + Backstage access, General Admission and Recorded Show. Choose well!

This work has been commissioned by Procreate Project

with public funding from Arts Council England

and it will be written and directed by Beatriz Cabur.




The beautiful belly in the picture above belongs to Loly Bustos, the picture has been taken by her lovely sister Rocío Bustos,  the baby is called Tamoe. Thank you so much to the three of them!




Please go to Procreate Project if you would like to know more about us and the project, and/or email us here with any questions you may have.

Thank you!

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