Jun 8, 2016

I am very excited to be working as a Dramaturg in ORBITS, a collaborative and multi-disciplinary dance project resulting in an innovative online platform for audience co-creation and a series of cross-platform performances.

Enabling the development of IJAD dance company’s technology and artistic vision ORBITS breaks down into three stages:


    • Stage one develops an online platform with creative design studio Citrus Suite to revolutionize communication between artist and audience whilst also testing the digital space and evaluating the quality of audience engagement through an outreach programme developed with FACT, Liverpool.


    • Stage two provides space to develop sensography; choreography tailored specifically for online streaming in 360 degrees with Dr Pauline Brooks, reader in Dance Performance and Pedagogy and other international partners in the field of digital and collaborative dance practice.


    • The final phase develops a performance-based installation exploring microgravity which brings together the learning and development from stage one and two. It is informed by astronomer Andrew Newsam as part of an exhibition at FACT called ‘No such thing as gravity’.

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