This play, also known as “How is it possible that we have ended up in Ronensbourgh?” is about places, identity and home, is about the construction of those ideas and the dislodging of those things our society hold as important; sort of like that Jim Carrey‘s film “The Truman Show” or Martin Crimp‘s “Attempts on her life”. Written in Heiner’s Müller style. No stage directions. No formating. SOME CAPITAL LETTERS THAT SEEM RANDOM BUT THEY’RE NOT. The language is the key to set the mood. Ronensbourgh (the city) is sharp and pre-designed so the play starts fast and precise (because we are there). The city leaves no place for interpretation, it is what it is and you see what “they” want you to see, so it is written in simple facts. Then everything starts shifting so the language and the grammar used in the play should transmit that movement and evolution. It’s complicated. It’s plain text to put on stage.