Ronensbourgh in Italy

Feb 21, 2013

In 2013 I directed my play ‘Ronensbourgh‘ to be performed in Milán.

The Heibers are a regular family in an irregular situation. They live in a decadent world ruled by a system that no longer works. Meanwhile a group of aristocrats, ruled by Helmut Ronen, are creating the perfect city as an answer to all of society’s problems.Ronensbourgh is finally built and it works because it has a new language and form of communication that does not contemplate violence – but if you want to move to Ronensbourgh get ready to be lobotomized.

Title: Ronensbourgh / Playwright and Director: Beatriz Cabur / Actors: Jorge Andolz, Yolanda Blanco, Pablo Lagartos, Diego Lagartos, Alberto Esparza, Lorena Sierra, Andrea Pueyo, Ester Piñero / Video Designer and co-Director: Alex Ríos / Assistant Director: Isabel Morilla / Programme Management:Mirko Grewing / Premiere date: February 21st, 2013.

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