Staged Reading Series

Mar 22, 2014

Since 2012, Spanish Artists in New York (AENY), with the support of Spain Culture NY-Consulate General of Spain, have presented a series of staged readings that introduce New York audiences to some of the most prominent contemporary playwrights from Spain.

In 2014, Beatriz Cabur and Doug Howe, partnered with AENY to present the Staged Reading Series. The first three plays were the winners of the 2014 Spanish-language Eurodram Playwriting Award. They are: “The Art of Interviewing” by Juan Mayorga, “Ushuaia” by Alberto Conejero and “Ventaquemada” by Paco Bezerra.

In partnership with the National Theatre (CDN) in Spain, Beatriz, Doug, and AENY also selected “Click Here” by Jose Padilla to be presented in the series. “Click Here” is part of the ‘Written on the Stage’ program developed by the National Theatre (CDN). It premiered at the Princesa Theatre at the Maria Guerrero on December 4th, 2013. The play was directed by Jose Padilla starring Pablo Bejar, Mamen Camacho, Gustavo Galindo, Nerea Moreno and Ana Vayón.

This was an ongoing partnership between AENY, Beatriz and Doug that kept helping promote Spanish Contemporary Playwriting in New York. Every year AENY produces the Staged Readings including the three Spanish Eurodram winners while Beatriz and Doug collaborate producing and promoting the events and playwrights.

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