Jun 26, 2012

As a part of the worldwide presentations produced by The Internationalists, and directed by Beatriz Cabur, “The Hummingbirds” by Garret Jon Groenveld, was presented in Zaragoza, Spain on June 22, 2012 at the Armas Center.

Another staging, also directed by Beatriz Cabur, was also presented in Zaragoza at the Arbolé Theatre.

‘Los Colibríes’ is a comedy of menace that takes place in a very near future where, if you are out of work, you are assigned a job by the unemployment office. Odds are, you’ll hate the job, but as the two employment officers say “If you can walk, you can work!” One day, their routine is broken after a fatal act of violence, and delicate questions arise about responsibility, loyalty and killer hummingbirds.

Title: Los Colibríes / Original Title: The Hummingbirds / Playwright: Garret Jon Groenveld / Director and Translator: Beatriz Cabur / Actors: Jorge Andolz, Pablo Lagartos and Carmen Cuello / Video Designer: Alex Ríos / Assistant Directors: Eva Aznar / Costume Designer: Ana Sanagustín / Venue: Teatro Arbolé, Zaragoza, Spain.

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