Oriente Plus, a Caribbean story

Mar 4, 2022

I met Signdance Collective, in 2013, when they wanted to stage Carthage, a play by my dear friend Caridad Svich, who introduced me to them. They flew me up to Austria to direct the show, where I was met by Isolte Avila and David Bower, the artistic directors of the company, two artists exceptional from every angle. The work they have been doing for thirty years is a legacy to the theatre and to the new generations. It includes signlanguage, dance, performance, live music, and loads of talent and hard work.


This time, in March 2022, I have directed the digital show that comes out of Oriente Plus, a Caribbean story, their first original sign dance theatre outdoor/touring piece created specifically for the new state of being, by Pedro de Senna.

Robert Corcoran and I have been testing and experimenting with Twitch, TikTok, OBS, Facebook Live, Instagram, EpocCam, Streamlabs, and many more. We have been testing the capabilities and effects within those platforms, applications and softwares, with green screens in real life and in-app, aiming to create a unique perspective for the digital audiences, while embeding everything into a unified online stage, not easy.

Oriente Plus, a Caribbean story, the digital show, allows us to share the points of view of two different characters at the same time. Those points of view are also reflected in the way they share them with us: The character of the Vulture is a young person extremely comfortable with technology and living fast, playing around with effects and filters in vertical videos that engage his audience, while the character of the Serpent reflects a more introspective artistic slow world, in which we can see and hear things the way he does, and reality is still horizontal, and not immediate but postproduced, as the way we think as we gather more experience in life, with our thoughts stretching through time.

We have also been rehearsing how to capture it all on cameras, where to put the cameras in the performers, how to use them, and how to integrate them and the green screens with the characters on stage, making it all part of the real life show itself.

It all belongs to the story we are sharing. The form of expression is conditoned by the essence of the message, and that is how the digital show has been developed and integrated with the real life show.

The piece will have its official previews at The Cockpit Theatre in London March, 2022, and its European premiere in Graz, Austria in May 27th & 28th, 2022, from where it will go on a quite extensive tour.

Performances at The Cockpit Theatre

31 March 2022 (Workshop and Show Package)
Thu 31 Mar 2022 – 1:30pm (Show Only)
Thu 31 Mar 2022 – 7:30pm (Show)
Fri 1 Apr 2022 – 7:30pm (Show)
Sat 2 Apr 2022 – 2pm (Show)
Sat 2 Apr 2022 – 7:30pm (Show)

Peckham Fringe
Tuesday 24th May – 2pm
Wednesday 25th May – 2pm
Thursday 26th May – 7.30pm

Sir William Borlases Theatre Marlow
Thursday 26th May – 7pm

Brighton Fringe at Fishing Museum Gallery
Wednesday 1st June – 1pm and 3pm
Thursday 2nd June -1pm and 3pm
Friday 3rd June – 1pm and 3pm
Saturday 4th June – 1pm and 3pm
Sunday 5th June – 1pm and 3pm

Salisbury International Arts Festival
Wednesday 8th June – 7.30pm

Ludlow Festival
Wednesday June 29th
Thursday June 30th
SAVVY Theatre
Saturday July 2nd

Chesham Market Square
Friday 29th July
Saturday 30th July

This is a story about the things that keep us together, even when the world tears us apart. A story about poetry, music and culture. A story that doesn’t look like a story, but moves in its own way, sinuous, snake-like, circling like a vulture, gliding and diving through the air. A story about a mother and daughter losing each other and finding themselves in the memories of all the mothers and daughters that came before them and made them who they are. This is a Caribbean story, a story of power cuts and generators, of crossroads and ocean crossings, of haunted bodies and dancing souls.

Pedro de Senna


Oriente Plus, A Caribbean Story by Pedro De Senna
Collaborative Director: Beatriz Cabur
Digital Show Director: Beatriz Cabur
Digital Show Assistant Director: Robert Corcoran
Music: David Omni & Angelina Schwammerlin
Design: Viviana Molinares & Robert Corcoran
Additional Poetry: Tarik Jones Cameron
Isolte Avila as Maria
Ivani Ca as Ana
David Bower as Serpent
Robert Corcoran as Digital Vulture
Soobie Whitfield & Isolte Avila
Soobie Whitfeld & Golda Dahan
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